Dave and Miriam LatourPlayers Anonymous was started by Miriam and David Latour.  Miriam Latour, the original “webmistress” of Players Anonymous is a Utah actress who has a passion for bringing together communities of people, especially people from various walks of life who might not seem likely friends. She started an email newsletter called “Utah Theater News” in January of 2000 with seven people, hoping to provide a service of audition information. By March of the same year there were well over 300 people on her list (by word of mouth) and she decided to start a website for theater addicts called Players Anonymous. David Latour, Miriam’s husband and best friend and the computer brains behind Players Anonymous, supported her with money and time to create an evolving website.

Seven years later hundred of people still use the website for information, but the real success of Players Anonymous has been the community it has created. Close friends sip tea while discussing books in a coffee shop, sing karaoke to pounding music and the smell of cigarette smoke, dress foolishly to a theme while singing with hand puppets or dancing with santa hats, play baseball in true White Trash fashion, hike straight down a mountain of shale rock in 100º heat, watch enigmatic films all night, drink cocktails attired in fancy dress, do the congo and argue fiercely over political views only to kiss each other Bugs Bunny style on the lips when it’s said and done. Friends who would never have known each other on this level if they hadn’t met on Players Anonymous.

May the PA community survive for years to come!