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Sometimes it takes a while to get a sense for a new community and can be intimidating or difficult to feel accepted. Here is a little tip: don’t jump in with strong opinions or attempt to be the center of attention right away. Most of us are drama divas and have a lot of…. presence. Get to know individuals by reading the forums first before posting. Come to some activities. You’ll find that people are much more likely to welcome you with open arms if they meet you in person. Introduce yourself and soon you’ll find that you have a fiercely loyal group of friends.

There is no discrimination on Players Anonymous against race, gender, sexual orientation, political views or religion. Everyone is welcome to participate. There are, however, individuals with opinions about these topics. The owners of Players Anonymous do not necessarily support or share these opinions. We encourage people to be who they are and express their opinions openly and we do the same. Although we may not agree with you, we will defend your right to disagree and be heard.

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